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Mix + Match. 5 Animal Cards


Choose any 5 animal pun cards for $20.00

Perfect for telling your friends or loved ones just how how much ‘ewe’ think they’re ‘purrrfect.’

So Deer to Me Card
Id be Lion Card
It's your Birthday, alpaca the wine Card
Its Of-fish-ial Greeting card
Flock! It's Your Birthday? | Pun Greeting Card by Rosie Lou
Herd You Were Leaving Animal Pun Card
Owl Have You Know Animal Pun Greeting Card
Otterly Love You - Card
That's Nuts Card
Sloth Graduation Greeting Card
Significant Otter Greeting Card
Litter Bit Fond Greeting Card
Let' Get Trunk Birthday Greeting Card
Puurfect Greeting Card
Bees Knees Greeting Card
Meant to Bee Pun Greeting Card
Flamingo | Flock Birthday Greeting Card
Whale Birthday Greeting Card
Elephant | Herd its your Birthday Card
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