The Rosie Lou Story

OliviaOlivia Chesterton
Head Designer

I’m Olivia! I’m a lover of design and beautiful things.

When my own stationery collection was getting a bit out hand (stored in multiple cupboards but still not enough room), I knew it was just right to start making my own. With a bit of a nudge from Camille, Rosie Lou was born. With a background and degree in Design (Interior Design and Graphic Design), my focus is on so much more than how a product is used.

For me, you’ve got to love using it, whether that be gifting, writing on, or wrapping up. I take inspiration from both fields of design when it comes to stationery, from the colour schemes to the function.

Simple pleasures – gifting someone a present that you know they will love using and that you love as well.

P.S There’s no such thing as too much beautiful stationery.

CamilleCamille Chesterton
People appreciator and earth lover.

Life is for celebrating great people and spending good times in the sunshine!

I love that our products help bring people together, sharing birthdays, celebrating achievements and appreciating great friendships.

It makes my heart happy knowing our quality products are created with 100% recycled card, meaning we’re helping people to lower their environmental impact.

To my delight, this year we’ve entwined my love of the outdoors into our stationery products. We have seeds! In packs, on gift tags and on wine tags! So you can encourage your friend to get dirty in the garden, (with or without you,) and help them to connect to Mother Earth while learning valuable skills! Read our blog post on the most important things in life.

Celebrate your loved ones on a wholesome level.

In this short life don’t forget what’s important!

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