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The important things in life.

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The Important Things in Life

Coming towards the end of the year Olivia and I have been busy making goals but also spending time reflecting. Part of the refection has got me thinking why do we do this?
Our top reasons in no particular order:

  • We are a sister dream team addicted to stationery with a flair for beautiful design
  • We provide people with quality products that reduce their impact on planet earth
  • We help others to appreciate and celebrate the special people in their lives and to focus on what’s really important.

I’d like to elaborate on the last point and break it down into two parts:

1. People

In the digital era that we live in, despite our connectedness through technology it is easy to disconnect from genuine interaction. We love that our products help bring people together, sharing birthdays, celebrating achievements and appreciating great friendships.

Think about how you feel when you get a letter in the mail that’s not a bill, it’s a hand written card from a friend who lives far away that amazes you they know your address and you’re downright impressed they remembered your birthday (mine is not on Facebook,) and they’re a golden friendship wizard if they remembered in time to send you a card so it gets to you in time for your birthday.

Maybe you’ve never even experienced this!?

If not, I dare you to send birthday cards your friends and family that live away and start a new trend! It’s so touching! It’s wholesome and has so much more meaning than a text message. I love that Rosie Lou helps people to stay connected in a wholesome way.

2. Planet Earth

So many of us spend our days indoors and often behind screens, it’s kind of scary to think that people can go weeks on end without their feet touching grass! Being outside amongst nature and environment is so good for the body and soul!

To my delight, this year we’ve entwined my love of the outdoors into our stationery products. We have SEEDS! In packs, on gift tags and on wine tags! So you can encourage your friend to get dirty in the garden, (with or without you,) and help them to connect to Mother Earth while learning valuable skills!

It’s easy to disconnect from the process of where our food comes from, but I believe it is a healthy and wholesome approach to take an interest in what is going into your body and where it has come from. I’ve loved every second of getting to know our seeds, enjoying nurturing them and learning how to grow fruit, vegetables and flowers (and eating our fresh produce!)

Feel free to find me in the apocalypse when y`all figure out that food doesn’t grow in Woolies…I’ll be in my veggie patch!

Life’s short. Life is for celebrating good people and spending good times in the sunshine!
Don’t forget what’s truly important!


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