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4 Steps to help you create an Eco Business

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We’ve spent years working out how to create an environmentally sustainable successful Australian business. If you run a business and are interested in lowering your carbon footprint we’d love to help you along your eco journey by sharing how we care for Mother Nature.

We’ve been green from the start and we love sprouting about it!

-Camille and Olivia Chesterton Rosie Lou Founders

STEP 1 – How we create Eco Products

  • All products are 100% made in Australia.  Australia has strict working conditions in which Australian businesses are required to adhere to – it’s easier to check the working conditions when products are made locally.
  • All printed materials printed on 100% post consumer waste which has been sourced close to the printer
  • All printed materials printed using vegetable based inks (meaning it’s easier to recycle in the future and the working environment is safer for those printing with no harsh printing chemicals.)
  • All seeds are untreated and chemical free.
  • Fabric is printed in Australia we only use natural fibres – cotton and linen, no polyester threads.
  • All parts of the products (including packaging) are able to be composted or recycled.
  • We have a focus on high quality products, we live by the idea that if you invest in quality it will outlast its cheaper alternatives and be better for you and the planet. Click here to read more about why things should not be cheap.

STEP 2 – Eco Shipping

  • Use second hand packaging materials – save unwanted boxes from local businesses that would have ended up in the recycling bin.  Local facebook groups are great for finding people getting rid of paper/ boxes they no longer need after moving.
  • Use kraft/ water activated tape to seal boxes.
  • Use predominantly cardboard, if you need a waterproof option use home compostable mail bags. 
  • Use plastic free postage stamps that come in a sheet not on a roll.
  • Use lick envelopes (not the plastic peel and seal.)
  • Branding- switch to rubber stamps instead of  stickers (the backing of stickers is currently unable to be recycled.
  • Walk or ride to post box.
  • Use a carbon neutral courier 

STEP 3 – Creating an Eco Work Environment

  • Use natural lighting 
  • Desks/work benches all purchased second hand
  • Windows and doors are used for air flow – no air conditioning required. 
  • collecting stationery items such as poster pens from op shops.
  • ‘Work uniform’ clothes sourced from op shops and second hand markets or home made from repurposed fabric.
  • Build market displays with responsibly sourced materials.
  • Print materials that don’t have an expiry and are able to be used at future events if you have a surplus. We created a business card that also doubles as a gift tag, so people can use it after they’ve followed us on our socials.
  • Surround yourself with plants especially those that purify the air.
  • Cleaning products used within the area are natural and zero-waste.  Click here for our favourite DIY cleaning recipe.

STEP 4 – Creating a Zero Waste Business

Work out what your local council recycling facility accepts and work back from there. Get excited about bins, you’re going to need a few.

  • Recycling bin
  • Soft Plastics bin emptied at Grocery stores REDcycle
  • Compost bin (we love our Composta)
  • E- Waste Bin – Drop off tech/e-waste to the tip or book the removal of your metal waste through Matthews Metal Management
  • Drop off ink cartridges at collection points Officeworks.
  • Terracycle – Tricky to recycle items can be dropped off at Terracycle points, we use Biome in Paddington to recycle anything that comes our way that doesn’t fit into one of the other categories. 
  • General Waste bin – only used if absolutely necessary. We’re proud of how TINY our general waste bin is, and it doesn’t even get filled in 1 year. 

Hopefully these tips can help you inspire your eco habits at work or even at home.

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