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What to plant in Autumn 🍂 🍁 🍃

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Although it’s always sad to say goodbye to Summer, these last few weeks of sweltering hot days leave us thinking that there’s still plenty of time for long afternoons in the garden and beach days (who’re we kidding… in Qld we pretty much swim all year round.)

With Autumn now upon us, we are looking forward to the heat scaling back a notch so we can ease up on the watering schedule and get some of our favourite seeds in the ground. 

veggies + herbs:

beans, lettuce, tomato, snow peas, snap peas,  chilli, cucumber, rocket, carrot,  mint +thyme (when the ‘thyme’ is right and it cools down a little more.)


calendula, nasturtiums  + sweet peas (on St Patrick’s Day.)

Now’s the time to get your Autumn seeds  in the ground! 

When you’re picking your home grown produce & bouquets you’ll be ‘sow’ glad you did!

I’ve started sowing a small crop of our Autumn varieties in my planter boxes next to the kitchen – for easy watering and harvesting access.  But as it’s still so hot here in the Mary Valley I’m holding off planting bulk seeds in the greenhouse until it cools down a bit, otherwise I’ll be needing to water twice daily.

This planting advice is based on information that our seed supplier specifies which is relevant to the varieties we stock in relation to Brisbane/ Australian sub tropical climate.

We’re ‘sow’ excited to see what delicious delights come out of your veggie patches!
Happy Autumn + happy gardening to you all!
With love,
The Rosie Lou Sisters,
 Olivia + Camille

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