Perfect Protea Linen Top

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The Perfect Protea short sleeve top is made using our latest The Rosie Lou original fabric.

Perfect Protea top is designed, printed and sewn in Australia (keeping it all local!)

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Fabric: Linen/Cotton blend

The Rosie Lou Protea Linen provides the beautiful texture of Linen, with all the durability characteristics of Cotton; blended together they make the perfect mix. The fabric has a beautiful slightly open weave, yet a smooth finish.

Size: S-L

Rosie Lou gals believe in sustainable fashion. Every time we spend money we make conscious choices to choose products that are ethically sourced- great for the planet and the people on it! We love knowing where our garments come from and what they’re made out of. You can be assured that our Rosie Lou fabrics are of the highest quality and all Rosie Lou garments are professionally sewn with love by our beautiful + talented Mum on the Sunshine Coast.


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Size M-L/ 12-14, Size S-M / 8-12


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